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In the Studio with Karl Deen Sanders

Welcome to Karl Deen Sanders Studio

For eighteen years, Sanders has developed his “ecorche” sculpting technique by executing many fine art projects under major developers like Franklin Mint. He has worked to develop a unique style and to provide unrelenting value for the beholder of every piece that he creates. Stressing anatomy and movement his sculptures are timeless works of art.

The work of Karl Deen Sanders ranges from commercial action figures to room-sized installations, positioning him as one of the most versatile sculptors working today. From a youthful vision has grown a succession of mature, visionary work. His artistic range and diversity prove his visionary acumen. This visionary work positions Karl Deen Sanders as one of the foremost Sculptors working today.

Based on some of his exquisite fragments and human figures, some have even referred to him as an American Rodin. To preview some of the masterpieces being born in Karl Deen Sanders studio, just keep scrolling!

For information regarding any of the pieces featured on this page, please contact Karl.

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