The Siren’s Afterglow

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Hand sculpted from clay. Customized upon deposit and completely cast in bronze with a patina of your choice.

Dimensions: 19″ H x 24″ W x 14″ D.

The Siren's Afterglow

About The Siren’s Afterglow

This sea dwelling beauty is hand sculpted from clay worked over a steel armature. She sits 19″ high and 24″ from front to back. A vision of satisfaction, the siren basks in the cool sea breeze, still enthralled with seductive power.

The appearance of sirens vary from one legend to another, but often times they are represented as mermaids. Mermaids, in the numerous tales told of them, often foretell the future, sometimes under compulsion; give supernatural powers to human beings, or fall in love with human beings and entice their mortal lovers to follow them beneath the sea. 

The Siren's Afterglow side shot
Unique opportunity to work on custom sculpture by Karl Deen Sanders

Do you love this sculpture? Have you ever considered bringing your own ideas to life? Thematic commissions are welcome and appreciated. You may contact Karl directly or submit an inquiry for details.

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You may contact Karl directly or submit an inquiry for details. 

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