Cancer Action Figure

MCFARLANE’S Warriors of the Zodiac
Original hand-sculpted by Karl Deen Sanders for MacFarlane Toys.

Cancer Action Figure

Release Date: May 2008
Product Type: Action Figure
Genre: Horror & Fantasy
Series: Zodiac Series 1

Collectible piece available for purchase.

WARRIORS OF THE ZODIAC: You may believe that the 12 signs of the Zodiac are astrological representations defining a person’s characteristics based on their date of birth. How naïve. 2008 was the Year of the Zodiac. And the back-story of the figures is colossal.

Gruesome and intricately detailed this anthropomorphic Cancer action figure makes a distinctly unique addition to any designer toy collection. In addition, precisely because this collection was discontinued, the Cancer Action Figure rarity exceeds the rarity of your typical collectible action figure.

Earth is under attack from alien forces wreaking chaos and destruction on a massive scale. Armies are forming. Is it random, or it could be part of something much, much larger? This unique Cancer Action Figure is quintessential McFarlane. Although the series was discontinued before all twelve astrological signs could be translated into three-dimensions this cancer action figure still stands as a masterful interpretation of this sun sign monster.

McFarlane Toys is known as one of the world’s premier collectible toy outlets, known for their excellent choice in talented sculptors. Karl Deen Sanders has been featured many times, for his unique ability to capture and immortalize the essence of these very desirable characters. Furthermore, understanding and appealing to their specific fan base through is the cornerstone of their success.

Cancer Action Figure Turnaround Shots
Cancer Action Figure Turnaround

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