Nekton Dragon Art Lifesize Statue
Dragon Art Washout Nekton

Nekton Sea Dragon Art

This incredible one of a kind bronze dragon art sculpture makes a perfect pet for the true medieval collector or a dragon enthusiast.

Sea dragons date back thousands of years to ancient Chinese legend. In many cases, serpentine sea dragons tormented sailors and conspired against pirates to deprive them of their spoils.

Occasionally, however, a man is lucky enough to cross paths with a dragon ally, who protects man and guards him against the wayward creatures of new lands.

Sprung from the imagination of Karl Deen Sanders, Nekton, dives into the ether and is playfully suspended in sea foam.

For custom size requests, please contact the artist.

Specifications: 35 ½” H x 22″ W x 20″ D (102 Lbs)

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