Ira from Where the Wild Things Are

Action Figure Vinyl Casting

Original Character from the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are has been a staple of children’s literature has captivated audiences for forty-five years, since its publication in 1963. The tale of a young boy named Max, who decides that he wants to run away and join the wild things; a group of monsters that dwell in the forest of his imagination.

This vinyl collector’s item was created as part of a series inspired by the Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers interpretation of this notable children’s classic.

Characters such as Bull, Carol, Douglas, Ira, Judith, K.W., Max & Alexander were each lovingly hand sculpted then crafted into collector dolls that no fan of this classic volume will want to miss.

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Ira from Where the Wild Things Are
McFarlane is known as one of the world’s premier collectible toy outlets, known for their excellent choice in talented sculptors. Karl Deen Sanders has been featured many times, for his unique ability to capture and immortalize the essence of these very desirable characters. Furthermore, understanding and appealing to their specific fan base is the cornerstone of their success.
Clay Versions of Ira from Where the Wild Things Are
Ira from Where the Wild Things Are Turnarounds

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