Hydra Dragon Clan Statue

McFarlane’s Dragons (Series 7)

Original sculpture hand sculpted by Karl Deen Sanders for MacFarlane Toys.


RELEASE DATE: October 2007

Product Type: Action Figure (6″)

Brand: McFarlane Dragons

Genre: Horror & Fantasy

Status: Retired, Out of Production

Available for purchase online.


Review about MFarlane’s Hydra Dragon Clan Statue from Amazon“[McFarlane] Known for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and durability, their Hydra dragon is no exception! Being one of the larger boxed sets, this is a massive sculpture, but the detail is still amazing (the tongues have little taste buds and texture). I was also impressed by the way they designed the multiple wings so that, if they were to be completely extended, they would form one large wing to lift the leviathan from the ground. My only issue with this product is that he is SHARP! His teeth and pointed wing tips can really hurt if you aren’t expecting them to be as sharp as they are. Overall, A+!!!”

About the Series: Delve into the Fall of the Dragon Kingdom with McFarlane’s Hunter Dragon Clan Statue; a richly detailed 6-inch scale dragon action figures complete with detailed bases showcasing the mystery and fury of the mythical winged kingdom. Crawling Hunter dragon measures 11 inches from tip of horn to tip of tail. McFarlane’s Hydra Dragon Clan Statue measures 12″.

From McFarlane Toys: Horror is a cornerstone of McFarlane Toys. It’s simple. They just love to create scary monster action figures – and their fans like them, too. The edgier, the more horrific, the better.

McFarlane Hydra Dragon Clan Statue in Clay
McFarlane Hydra Dragon Clan Statue in the Rough

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