Everquest Warrior Troll Sculpture

Original sculpture by Karl Deen Sanders for Toy Vault.

everquest warrior troll sculpture

Product Type: Action Figure (8″)

SeriesEverquest 1: Ruins of Kunark

Genre: Video Games

Status: Sold Out, Retired

About this Warrior Troll: This collectible figurine was hand carved by Karl Deen Sanders and produced by Toy Vault. This sculpture assumes a likeness to the Warrior Troll as seen in the Video Game of Everquest. The Everquest Troll sculpture (figurine) stands about 8″ tall.

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About the Manufacturer: Toy Vault, Inc, founded in 1998, designs and manufactures high-quality products for the toy, game, and novelty market. Toy Vault has an aggressive design and product research department that consistently provides the newest and hottest selling products within the industry. The base of this figurine was used initially for the Warrior Troll figurine but then repurposed for three different version of EverQuest’s Male troll doll.

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