Bacchus Wall Sculpture.


Materials: Bronze

Width: 10 inches
Height: 20 inches

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This is a Bronze Wall Bust of Bacchus the God of Wine.

Make this exquisite Bacchus hanging wall sculpture your own. Demarcate your sacred gathering space inside the home or adorn your outdoor gardens. Bacchus, the unspoken guardian of forest dwelling satyrs and centaurs will be right at home as an outdoor home ornament…and he makes a wonderful housewarming present for collectors of finer things.

This one of a kind piece is immediately available in cast bronze with a classic patina. Custom patina available upon deposit. Commissioned works inspired by this piece are always welcome.

Hand carved bas-relief Bacchus Hanging Wall Sculpture (or Dionysus) was cast in bronze, yielding a durable investment for any art collector. Bas-relief sculptures are a perfect wall ornament for interior design or exterior decor since they lay relatively flat compared to decorative statues. These types of sculptures demand minimal accommodation but also maintain their perspective beauty from most vantage points.

This bronze bas-relief sculpture portrays the bust of Bacchus the god of wine. When called Dionysus, he is also the god of the grape harvest, ritual madness, fertility, theater, and religious ecstasy. This great liberator frees his followers from self-consciousness, fear and the oppressive restraints of the powerful. Declare a sanctuary to the dispossessed by enriching your alter with the likeness of this God.