Galadrial Bronze Fragment Sculpture


Materials: Bronze

Width: 5 inches
Height: 11.5 inches
Depth: 5 inches

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This is a Bronze Fragment casting of a Galadrial sculpture I did for the Lord of the Rings.

Before the movies were made, I was hired by Toy Vault to sculpt and design a Galadriel action figure based on the Lord of the Rings books. My responsibility was to interpret the literary works to capture the true depth, power, and sorrow of the Elven Queen. Unfortunately, I botched the initial casting and when she emerged, only a fragment of Lady Galadriel appeared.

What should have been disappointment spurned a sort of wonder; reminiscent of Nike of Samothrace, c. 220-190 BC. (Louvre) I loved the quasi-abstract look of the piece. Simply put, it spoke to me. Thus, I decided to go ahead and cast this serendipitous figure in Bronze. You may purchase the final version of Galadriel from select vendors, as it was a limited edition piece. This bronze casting however, is one of a kind.

This bronze sculpture fragment is hollow on the inside and open to your own interpretation. Perhaps she speaks to you, as a sort of winged victory.