Fairy Dragon Bronze Sculpture. Made to Order


Materials: Bronze

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This is a Bronze casting of a Fairy Dragon sculpted by Karl Deen Sanders.

This collectible bronze fairy dragon sculpture is a to-scale carving of this mythological creature. Mischevious but never inclined toward malice, fairy dragons are small, cute and delightful. Exhibiting characteristics of the fey, these special little dragons have wings that resemble butterfly wings.

Fairy dragons are small dragons, usually about the size of a sparrow. Perhaps this is why in the game of Dungeons and Dragons, fairy dragons may be chosen as magical familiars.

This beautiful bronze casting is perfect for the connoisseur of medieval items. It makes an excellent addition to a collection of speculative creatures, fantasy collectibles or just on its own as a miniature guardian and companion. Both lovely and adorable, this collector’s item will last an eternity.