Female Torso Fragment Sculpture. Cast Bronze.


Materials: Bronze, Granit

Width: 8 inches
Height: 12.75 inches
Depth: 5 inches

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This Is a Bronze Sculpture of a Nude Female Torso Study/Fragment. This realistic female body sculpture is one of a pair of nude fragments hand sculpted by Karl Deen Sanders; one female and the other male.

This striking sensual female figure is reminiscent of the torsos popularized in 19th century Europe. Perhaps the most well-known sculptor of this style was Auguste Rodin, a pioneer in his promotion of the sculptural fragment as a complete and independent work of art.

This modern day work combines this classical style with the refinement and evolution of sculpture technique over the last 200 years. Karl’s proficiency with this realistic style, combined with the silkiness of figures, accentuated by detailed bronze casting poses Karl Deen Sanders as a master.

This piece is available with a male counterpart. In a culture where men are poised as violent and warlike, Karl imposes a new definition of manliness with this bronze nude. Demonstrating the ultimate form of power in this sculpture, the male offers his affection, vulnerability, and tenderness.

With the pair together, the woman is permitted to receive the masculine grace that she has been starved for. Blessed by consensual ecstasy, these bodies are bound to each other as a statement of intimacy, romance, and sensuality.

Although the style is all his own, inspired by ballet dancers and movement rather than a simple effort at nude contrapposto, some would consider him an American Rodin.