Rose Bas Relief Wall Sculpture.


Materials: Bronze

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This is a Bronze Bas Relief Sculpture of a cluster of Roses.

This Painted Bronze Bas Relief Sculpture features a beautiful cluster of Roses beginning to shed their outer petals as they achieve a full bloom. Unlike a real rose that will eventually wither and die, the petals are suspended in time, to last for centuries.

This exceptional wall ornament is great for bringing one of the world’s most cherished flowers, adding stunning English beauty with luscious subtlety.

Throughout the ages, the unquestionable beauty of the rose has inspired many stories. From religious symbolism to our present day Valentine’s Day traditions.

You can enjoy it’s hearty delightfulness either indoor or outside.This original bas relief was sculpted in clay and cast in bronze. This inset rose relief sculpture is available painted and in a classic patina. Under your care, this brilliant statue will maintain it’s excellent finish forever.