Lion Door Knocker With Ball Ring. Very Large. Cast Bronze with a Classic Brown Patina Finish.


Materials: Bronze

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This is a Bronze sculpture of a Large Lion Head Door Knocker. It was molded and cast from an original clay sculpture designed and created by Sculptor Karl Deen Sanders. This lion head was cast using the time honored and proven Lost Wax method.

For a piece that is sure to intimidate those approaching your sacred den, we introduce “Leo, Lord of the Jungle.” Aside from the simple glory of ownership, this impressive lion sculpture is sure to command respect by all who request entry to your lair. Once you find your own perfect door knocker, Sanders’ solid bronze doorknockers also epitomize uniquely unforgettable housewarming gifts for your favorite pride members.

Most popular as a door knocker, this lion face casting is available in various sizes as an ornamental furniture accent, a lion head drawer pull, a silver lion medallion, regular size bronze lion doorknocker (8″) or large lion head door knockers. For availability and details, please visit the Karl Deen Sanders Sculpture shop to consider these additional listings.

Every detail of the lion’s mane and face is hand sculpted to garner the adulation by those who standby, awaiting your invitation. Effortlessly spruce up your entryway by adding this beautiful door knocker to your front door.