Keeper of Time Dragon Sculpture


Materials: Cold Cast, Resin

Width: 9 inches
Height: 14 inches
Depth: 8 inches



This is a limited edition Dragon Sculpture by Karl Deen Sanders. Cold Cast Resin Statue, Limited to 1000 copies.

The Keeper of Time guards The Portal of Time, defending its mysteries, not allowing us to pass into timelessness, where we may drift, unencumbered by our own creation. With even its gargoyles chained against the possible admission of its secrets.

Only Winged Time, in the form of an elegant dragon perched atop the gateway, may fly in between out reality and the graceful lands beyond.

For what is time?
Who can easily and briefly explain it?

Who can even comprehend it in thought or put the answer into words?

Yet is it not true that in conversation, we refer to nothing more familiarly or knowing than time? And surely we understand it when we speak of it, we understand it also when we hear another speak of it” – Saint Augustine

Time. It flies. It crawls. We mark it. Save it. Waste it. Bide it. Race against it.

And though we measure it obsessively, we cannot pretend to understand it. It remains a mystery, beyond our grasp of manipulation.